We Love You Ann!
Testimonials from some of the blessed families
who have chosen Ann as their midwife...


The first part of my pregnancy I had been seeing a doctor and I didn’t know the difference between a doctor and midwife until I had gotten a midwife, I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on with not having midwifery care from the beginning. Since starting in your practice, I’ve learned a lot about my pregnancy and my growing baby. I’m very thankful of finding such a great midwife like you. Thank you. You have changed my whole perspective on pregnancy and childbirth for the better. I liked how personal and understanding you were. I felt really comfortable around you and I loved everything about the whole experience. I will never forget this great experience and how happy I was to share it with you. I would definitely recommend midwifery care to other people. Having a midwife makes the whole experience of childbirth better and more enjoyable. When I came to you, I only had a few more months left of my pregnancy and I wish that I could have come to you sooner. I just wish more people new about midwifery care. Thank you for everything, Ann. This was the best experience of my life. I hope next time it will be just as great an experience.

{Tera Brady, mom to Daniel James Brady-Leal born at The Birthing Inn on 1-12-07}
Wow! What an amazing and incredible experience our birth was! Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have had you on board throughout this journey. You have been so understanding of my needs, questions, complaints, and health issues! Thank you for always being so sensitive to how I was feeling.....no doctor has ever taken the amount of time, care, & attention you have, and for that I appreciate you. I consider you a friend and will miss seeing you every week...this whole experience has been so great that we may just have to do it again sometime!
Tanya & David
Ann, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our midwife and helping to bring Ella into the world! Your loving manner and wisdom not to mention a great sense of humor made pregnancy and birth a whole lot easier. We sure hope you’ll grace us with your prescence at any future births. Love you!

{Melissa, Ty & Baby Ella Podeszwa
Born at The Birthing Inn 3-18-06}
Ann, how can I ever thank you for one of my most special days & events in my life! You were an essential reason for the pure joy and wonder of our John Henry’s birth. Because of my trust and confidence in my body (which you helped instill with me) & my trust and confidence in your knowledge and abilities, John Henry was born into a circle of love and comfort in our home! May God continue to bless you and provide you many opportunities to touch women’s lives.

{Jennifer, John & baby John Henry Ahrens
Born at home 2-4-06}
Ann, the prenatal care you provided for me was very personal & excellent. I was always very confident in your professional knowledge and care, yet also comforted in your personalized attention and interest in my & my baby. You were absolutely sensitive and respectful of my needs. Knowing my needs are different from other clients in your care, I always felt you gave me options and care specific to my beliefs. Thank you, thank you for the salve!!!!! I felt 100% supported in an environment of highly capable, loving and empowering people, my husband & you. Midwifery care is the only care I recommend. My body was created capable of carrying and birthing a baby. Midwifery care is the only health care available in my experience that helps a woman learn to know and trust in her body to facilitate the easiest and least complicated birth for her and baby.

{Jenny, Aaron, & baby Hyrum Combs
Born at The Birthing Inn 4-27-05}
Thank you so much for the care you provided during and after my pregnancy. It was a wonderful experience for me and truly changed my life! I loved that I was always able to reach you by phone; that you always addressed my concerns and answered all of my questions thoroughly; not having to wait at appointments; personal appointments; no hospital interventions, and I built a relationship with my provider. Your practice gave more focus on empowering me through knowledge and allowing me to make my own decisions about my body. I hope to be in contact with you in the future. Maybe I’ll be blessing you with another lightning fast birth within the next few years-lol!

{Rachael, Brent & baby Rylan Reese
Born at Home 10-31-05}
Dear Ann,
What can we say? Thank you so much!! We think the world of you! Your wonderful spirit and kind, loving ways are so apparent. We are so thankful to have had another home birth. This whole experience was a happy one, the labor & birth, I’ll always remember those times with fond thoughts. Thank you for the fine support from the very beginning. Going to the ultrasound with us was really above and beyond. It’s always a bit sad, knowing we’ll be parting ways again, it has been such a good journey. Well we just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you! Love from our whole family.

{Anna, Matt & baby Roman Tall
Born at home 1-5-05}
Dear Ann,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the care you are providing to me and my baby. I feel so fortunate to have you as my midwife because I feel that you really care about each and every woman you see. You’re thoughtful, thorough, kind, caring and genuine. I am looking forward to and excited about the birth of this baby into our family. I feel blessed to have been blessed with such a wonderful care provider for this pregnancy. Thank you so much!
Rachel Snay

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. My pregnancy was difficult, but you were always there when I needed you. I always looked forward to my appointments and will miss them. You really did go above and beyond my expectations and made my pregnancy easier and my first birth experience (though things did not go exactly as I wanted them) a positive and happy one. Thank you!

{Amy, Jo & Baby Jayden Beasley, born at Enumclaw Regional Hospital on 6-1-06}
Ann, thank you so much for your love and care throughout my pregnancy & during delivery! You are wonderful at what you do! I was promised that angels would attend the delivery of my children & all would be well. I believe you were/are one of those angles! I love you & appreciate all you do & sacrifice for all those moms out there! Thanks for helping me through birth & helping Adam have the best beginning ever!

{Christina, Matt & baby Adam Allred
Born at home 2-27-06}
Ann, your prenatal care was detail and thorough; with plenty of time to ask all my questions regarding pregnancy, parenthood and life. You are not only a great care provider but also a wonderful woman with much life experience to learn from. You were always easy to get ahold of or very prompt to return my calls. I never felt rushed and felt that you went out of your way to keep us fully informed. What I liked best about my midwifery care was the time spent and the intimacy of our visits. What I liked best about my birth was that it was at home-you can’t be more comfortable that when at home with family and an environment that you are so familiar with. This model of care was so much better than the medical model; you can’t even compare the two when you’ve done both methods of prenatal & hospital/home birth care.

{Bree, Brian & Baby Jonah Mann
Born at home 12-10-06}
Ann, thank you so much for helping to make the birth of Michael go so well. It was such a wonderful experience for me. Thank you for all the little extras you did. Thanks for the adorable hat, it looks so cute on him.

{Christina, Kent & baby Michael Rowley
Born at Home 3-12-06}
Ann, how can I thank you enough? Everything you’ve done for us is above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for. Thank you for making Pipers birth so wonderful.

{Sarah, Shawn & baby Piper Smith
Born at home 3-25-06}
I cannot thank you enough for these past few months. You are a great preceptor (Shannon is also a midwifery student working in my practice) and an even better midwife. You truly serve your clients and give them the best possible care. I am so fortunate to not only get to work with you but have you as my midwife as well! Thanks again Ann, and I can’t wait to come back!

{Shannon, Shane & baby Charlee Ann Smith
Born at home 9-6-06}
I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. You have made this experience the best I could have hoped for. Thank you for being my midwife and friend.
Julie & Kelly

{Julie, Kelly & Baby Wiatt Brame
Born at home 11-28-06}
Dear Ann,
I have NEVER had a caregiver who better lived up to the title. Ann, you have been one of the absolute best blessings in my life and the lives of my family members. The care you gave me and baby during pregnancy was so thorough, so personalized, and truly caring. The love you have extended to me, I know will be rewarded you ten-fold in the life to come because it has meant that much and more to me. Your knowledge and the style of the care that you give always amazes me. (Just when I’m thinking how great you are & how glad I am to have you as my midwife, you teach me some other incredible lesson about how, why, or what is needed at any given point in my pregnancy, birth, or postpartum care….And, I realize you’re even better than I thought – if it’s possible. You really are the best! I love the very personal relationship I developed with you and in turn, my baby before he was even born. I love having the birth of my child be in the environment my husband and I choose to create. I very much appreciate and enjoy the use of my own home to “recover” from giving birth. I am grateful for the extra husband/wife bonding that occurs when we bring our child into this world with in our own safe haven we have created for him or her, and the added love and respect we gain for each other, for God, and for our child.

{Kelli & Vincent Gascon & Baby Vincent,
Born at home 1-27-07
and Sister Ava born at home 4-25-05}
Ann, my prenatal care was excellent - having my experience in Florida to compare to, I’m so glad that I ended my pregnancy in your care. I felt informed and very comfortable. I felt that you truly cared about what was going on with me and not just asking the standard questions and rushing me out the door. The personal interaction and availability; the natural methods just the overall support and sincerity—I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

{Karla & baby Kaden Nauer
Born at The Birthing Inn 5-20-05}
Dear Ann & Shannon,
I just wanted to thank you both for everything. Westin’s birth was the most amazing experience of my life and it was because of the two of you to make that possible. Ann, you have been so absolutely incredible through this whole ten plus months and the world is such a better place and so blessed since you became a midwife. And Shannon the world won’t even know what to do with itself when you become a midwife also. Thank you so much for making me feels so strong and so special and so loved. I think that you two are the most amazing women I have ever met and I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I feel and how grateful I am to get to have you be a part of my life, my family’s lives and Westin’s life. Thank you again for everything that you have done for me and will do for me again in the future!! I wouldn’t do it any other way the next time and I make sure to tell everyone that on a daily basis. Your strength and care and love will never be forgotten and I just want you to know what a difference you both made in someone else’s life. Thank you so much!
  All my love,

{Jamie, Jay & baby Westin
Born at Home 2-8-06}
Ann, I am so thankful to have shared this experience with you. You are doing amazing work and helping many women and families. Thank you, the universe thanks you. I wish you many blessings and send you tons of light so that you may continue your work.

{Cecily, Sean, and baby Ava Corwin-Wolff
Born at home 3-1-05}